Over and Over (Again)

There’s a melody plays a constant nostalgia,

sweet to my heart,

when I am reminded of love

in the scope of time.

She did provide me,

bathed me,

listened when I did cry,

and yet,

no one every asked her why.

That is truth,

when we by ourselves come to terms,

with who we might become,

long after we already know.

We began in her arms,

her nurturing soul that covered eyes,

when fear arose in the middle of our lives.

She did offer peace, when the world around us,

only wanted to cave to whatever pressure,

brought their lives satisfaction.

I do listen to a melody,

helps me feel alright,

like everything she believed,

at the time,

when everything I did was another false pretense,

yet she was still standing there,

resolute in love,

unconditional passion.

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