A Long and Winding …

I used to dream about the home

a lot of my childhood memories

around the winding love in the woods.

even now tonight as I imagine time

I look to my dreams to recreate

how life became a simple peace

inside the home of thoughtful family.

I recall meals being rather comical

a guest to rush the line with all the sibs

I now have to welcome the smile she gave

with all the hungry mouths and silly truths,

she would keep handing out her love,

and everyone turned a smile to Abby,

because then was forever, not tomorrow.


We were all shaking the roots of time,

pretty unsure of how we would begin,

yet there were sounds to bring us peace

when walking through the family room,

I saw bodies everywhere, alive and free,

listening to ‘… troubled waters’

as was the plan in 1969.

I remember intrigue in the blue haze

of kindred spirits all sharing their lives

in the interest of sweet love,

where I first learned the meaning,

of passion beyond my own sacred ground.


I reflect upon the music when I need peace.

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