In Response to Love

We do celebrate

the essence of love,

small chalky hearts with words,


selfless epiphanies,

that always land on their side,

seldom the right words

appease today’s state of mind,

unless we will it upon ourselves.

Hold me close

today and forget about all the other


when our time seemed to be forever,

yet the smallest moment

caused a stir,

we would wonder if this was real,

all worth it,

what was the fight we chose tonight,

would it remain in the morning,

or could that be another sign

of a growing deceit,

the evolution of love becoming

simple and delightful,

a memory suggests we do live for one another,

today, just like the other day,

we all have the same desire,

to be loved.

Love me, I love you, me, we do, I do, do you?

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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