Strength in Time

I know that what I feel today,

is old habit,

been with me quite some time,

I’m used to feeling afraid,

my anxiety,

I sometimes find it to be a barometer,

yet, those are always meant to be


even though we all realize they work

in variables.

Barometers I mean,

not emotions.

if I could design a plan would filter

the messiness, the ugly terrain,

that part of human nature, we all need to pretend away,

it doesn’t exist, we like to say,

well, anyway!

Even while I watch same routines,

an intersection in constant motion, new eyes,

new travelers all together in unison,

waiting for the next green light …

I suppose I need to learn how to better

take turns

than force my idyllic brainstorm upon anyone,

well at least those that no longer care.

There is a certain beauty in strength,

given time,

without any fear of being stripped away,


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