Self Worth

When my dopamine kicks in,

I’ll speak to it,


where have you been all these hours ago,


a reply

I’ll stammer for a minute,

ask again,

the answer will remain as far away as any sense of hope might offer resolution.

What marks a new day

is the constant

that part of our reality refuses

to let our conscience forget

just who it is we might be trying to be.

When I can find myself furthest away from

trying to figure out

who I am,

that is the time,

I let the music take me away,

that’s when,

journeys begin,

I can now tell you the truth,

because there is this greater sense of release,

allows me to share ideals,

to recognize a certain


in words …

A little later on when the strength of time

wears down,


the insolent nature of doubt,

again begins to settle in,

hiding all the layers of diligence,

that resilient nature,

we begin to wonder,

never out loud,

where it is we might have gone,

searching for peace,


we have to continue to make our trek


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