Time – The Daily Prompt



I was twelve when life stopped,

a quiet afternoon, a happy occasion,

suddenly the white hot atmosphere of

helpless humanity …

we never really do understand,

we’re just told,

in the eyes, hers, my brother cried,

and the world I once knew suddenly became


My life would change

everything I knew emptied itself in a sea of trivial waste,

patterns in blue, shadows of fear, visible torment,

every aspect of pain became a part of my world,

I suddenly felt a surge of anxiety,

I no longer understood peace,

all of these simple aspects of society,

were taken away,

put inside a box,

a shallow bed for the dead,

there he would lay, lifeless, lackluster,

without any smile, only the blood of terror.

I was alone,

my body began to quake when I could finally breathe,

and then,

later in the single moment,

my life ended,

and a new chapter of confusion had begun.

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