Nine Line Parallels

I do wonder,

often a twilight leaves me compelled,

yet all too quickly,

a notion,

a curiosity,

then distraction settles in with little notice,

my universe speaks aloud again,

suffusing energy,

until desire wanders in lower tones.


When a child

reaches for the sky

arms spread without conviction,

simple pleasure,

a naivety is desire

we clap our hands

allow the momentum of innocence

might prosper toward a freedom

idyllic tones.


Two soul intermingle

cross paths on a sunny day,

brilliant in mind’s prosperity

cherish our world while others too

begin a sojourn

a travel of mystique and beauty,

that elegance

that human condition,

indescribable tones.


Years passed in memory,

a fond recall,

this did occur we are convinced

by the manner where we see the leaves fall

inside a splendid cover

did she stand

in a white cascade

almost too surreal

soft illuminate tones


We begin to imagine

how this, can we then, what will,

the world becomes a factual

enterprise of disbelief,

hope, a wonder of exceptional


while around the corner

somewhere nearby we corroborate

upon neutral tones


We want to explode,

with good scrutiny, certainly

the wealth of chance idolization

becomes forefront,

the hopes and dreams of suicide

no longer a necessary


carry on let’s be together

insidious tones


A last step

sorted appraisal

sudden renewal,

strive to find the kind

gentleman who led us astray,

to suggest,

perhaps she along the way,

along his side,

disreputable tones


One man speaks,

while a world has no idea,

a segment of society,

a purpose,

unknown philosophy that exists


the moon will never alter its course

always illuminate

lunacy has tones.


We walk past each other

with little contact,

physicality, odor, sense,

yet the eyes,

look inside my soul,

question my reality,

am I here along with you,

How is it possible we lose sight

undeniable tones!

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