In Nostalgic Trappings

I so easily return,

begin again, recycle, revisit, reimagine

that moment that will forever be sealed

in memory.

If I might

could we only reword a couple of moments,

retrace the direction we were heading,

before suddenly all the havoc of our generation overturned

the reality we once believed to be

our own,

before we forgot where it is we came from

began listening to others,

those that with values that remained only their own,

decidedly forgot about the others

those that wanted to remain alone,

away from the chaos,

to simply live,


without the burden of worry,

wondering whether this is the moment we react,

or continue forward with blind eye.

is it the blind eye I want to change,

is it that easily discovered,


I’m a naked man in  world of change,

clothe me please with beauty and grace

rather than the torn garments of idolized


2 thoughts on “In Nostalgic Trappings

  1. I’m liking that I have to read your poems again and again to absorb all of the content. I’m still not getting all the content, I’m not that arrogant. I have an affinity for the style of poetry that you write and will try to keep reading as often as possible. My attempts are similar, but just by feel rather than by knowledge. However, your writing feels strong and clear to the point that I know I can gain more knowledge if I can focus for long enough to glean more. Thank you for your work.

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    1. thank you so much for such a fabulous assessment. My writing peaks and valleys – I write quickly at times, and then others I spend hours or days putting together – primarily sonnets – I like more than anything to be caught in a zone of relevant writing. Take care 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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