Christmas Snow



We had a streetlight outside our picture window,

a play with our eyes tease in the light,

If I could see the flakes drift inside the night,

I was a happy child being blanketed in white


Where we live, a Christmas  without snow,

felt only as real as the imagination  would right

we didn’t want the brown decay of fall tonight

instead, the white wonder cast shadows on night.


Peace, when watching the light become so light

desire the snow, while beauty of life will show

11 responses to “Christmas Snow”

  1. We live in
    a place where
    there should be
    snow for Christmas
    but there isn’t
    my children don’t
    understand the magic
    of dampened sound,
    the muted silence of snowfall.

    Thank you for your poem.

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    1. well I’m glad you liked it – we take it for granted, this is a clear indication we should not. 🙂 thank you

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      1. I grew up in Ohio, where it used to start snowing around Halloween and stopped some time in March. My children think it is normal to run around during Halloween without snow suits and Michelin Man coats. Now it snows in January, if we’re lucky, then we have ice storms that knock down electric lines through February. I think when I moved away to go to college in 1988 something strange happened. This has been going on since I got back in 1995.

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      2. When I was a child we always had a full snowfall all winter in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin where I grew up – maybe it was because I was only 4 ft tall … the prevailing winds have certainly shifted I suppose. 🙂

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      3. There was more snow here in the 1970’s, I never remember the ice storms that we have now. . I was short too, but we made tunnels through my whole back yard during those snow days off school. We had 5’to 6′ of snow that buried our cars. It was so quiet without the road traffic noise.

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      4. yup, I remember well the year I was too big for the tunnels and astounded at how deep and accessible they had been the year before. 🙂

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      5. 🙂 Fond memories that were nightmares for the street crews who were stuck at home.


      6. I’m thinking we lived across the street from one another, four states apart. 🙂

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      7. Yup:) I walked out my back door and jumped off the back steps into the snow, no need to walk down four tall steps!

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