While We Wait

Our lives become yesterday’s dreams,

if we choose that perfect pitch,

concentrate upon such wild abandon

of fears and constraints that hold our idyllic

humanity at bay.

While we wait the world will grow up

around us,

we will always want to know

just how it might have been,

how might we have achieved that

perfect peace,

perfect harmony with all of our insecurities.

What if the neurosis of the human condition

just never appeared,

we managed to make it through

high school psychology,

without ever having a condition,

ever needing a label,

ever wanting anything remotely close to a


attached to the phenomena we live and breathe inside.

That’s my world, that’s where I want to be.

What if we could, would it matter anymore,

if you were me, or I was like you, or we wanted

the same things.

What if we knew we were the same.

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