Getting On; Getting Along

I do recall there was a day when I realized

the things I would like to say were surmised

by an arrogance I hadn’t quite acknowledged

the whole notion of knowing seemed alleged.


I hadn’t seen the news that day in mid-July

when the fires on the East Coast began to fly

Our world we believed to be free and easy

showed a bit of cracked armor; left me queasy.


I wonder if across the world there’s a guy

sitting in his underwear, fresh coffee nearby

I’m curious if he thinks about anything

remotely close to what it is I’m babbling


I gotta think there is, in fact I’m kindly sure

because whether it be politics or infrastructure

I know that ‘at the end of the day’

he’ll eat sleep and his waste toss away.


Seems we all like to have an adventure,  a sort of release

perhaps we might think a loud in some form of lasting peace.

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