My Muslim Friends

I’m crying tonight

I don’t want to be a part of this

the confusion is an ignorance I didn’t plan upon,

I wish not to look in your eyes and feel your pain,

I hope for love, that smile of beauty,

the caress of humanity suggest we are a beautiful people together,

not apart, not ostracized, without scrutiny.

When we live together, we breathe together,

we might know difference, yet without tolerance,

without some aspect of love,

remember that peace,

that love piece we seem to let go of when we allow ignorance

to pretend to care.

I want to have compassion, I want to laugh,

I want to hold the hand of my friend,

I want to walk the earth with a sense of freedom

I want to be shunned only by the shunners,

let them create their own solemn hypocrisy,

together we will be free.

We are people who believe in one thing when all else is put aside,

we do know love,

we love


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