Standing on Fences

I didn’t, no.

I could believe it might go

a way my dreams, had

suggested so.

I would be reminded

when she could walk slow,

I’d be blinded

by anything beyond  being so.

Autumn skies,

to add a sadness

while across the way,

she stood, she smiled, she danced,

without anyone needing her to know,

except me.

I was the one stood in the way,

leaned heavily against a fence,

I wanted to carry with me,

so perhaps another time,

I could count on the


being healthier than


I would wait, my hope

a smile might permeate the strict

reality of my visual nightmare.

she would be,

there in the afternoon sunlight

away from me,

without knowing,

unless of course I wave,

I shouted,

please don’t leave me I love you.

she smiled.

yet my eyes would fail me,

when hoping her glance my way

would provide comfort.

I smiled and let her be.


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