Piece Work

I am not Muslim,

not a Jew

haven’t any Palestinian blood,

I’m not German,

I am not Black,

I’m not White,

I suppose I can be rather non-descript.

I am certainly not a Mormon

I’m not a killer,

I want nothing to do with thievery,

I’m not an ultra liberal,

not a vegan,

not a psychotic (yet)

I’m not Asian

I’m not even European,

I’m not Latino

I’m not Irish

I’m not Scandinavian

I am not an Islamic extremist.

I’m not a gun owner,

not a hunter,

not a serial killer

I’m not a terrorist in the modern sense.

I’m not pretty

I’m not ugly,


yet on any given day I could be any of these things,


if being any one of these people, thoughts, beliefs, images,

meant anything close to,

allowing us all to recognize we are all one,



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