watching sunrises

I do wonder about time, as in the morning sun

while nearby the world did bathe in love as one


For in just that instant, no matter to any one agenda

we might all recognize residence in love’s hacienda.


Could you crucify a neighbor who’d lost all of their hope

if in the morning, suddenly they might suffer to cope.


We are all lives battered together in a mix of reality

contained by a social stratus suggests we know clarity.


Yet somewhere along the way, some storm cloud special

effect began to take precedent, and we lost a ritual.


The key to every answer we might ever want pursue

seems just as nearby as a solution without having a clue.


I remember parades that lasted hours in the town square

nobody knew to suggest if anyone person might truly dare


disrupt the uniformity of the day’s event, says the town crier

we will live together to honor and celebrate our own each other.


While just around the corner there lies in a waiting vehicle

a new sort of legacy, a crowning much less stereotypical.


Our lives in the balance might beg for the reality of dreams

while then again as fortune calls, our lives will blossom it seems.

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