One Time Only

if when you come to realize there was that certain day,

when everything seemed to be as real as we wanted it to be,

could we perhaps recall the reason why,

I still cannot figure out why.

I want to,

I would like to return there for a period of time,

not a simple reflection,

but to break it down, look at it all, study all the dynamics,

what part of the human condition did we leave back there,

that we simply neglected to bring along with us today.

We cannot simply always return

without recognizing the second time around isn’t going

to contain the same highlights we once realized were never

even there in the first place,

they didn’t exist,

that nostalgia shit we talk about,

well it is pretty in the well

pre-conceived mind,

the sort with pedestals and lofty clouds

that sing rhapsody from the highest mountain peaks,

but there are cliffs nearby just waiting,

looming with a shadow of delightful security,

ready to fall when beckoned by the sky above.


There really is something to that circle I think

All that parallel universe stuff we like need to love

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