The Pretender

Steady hands

a look to all sides

hair coiffed, suit buttoned, tie straight,

ease into traffic without upsetting a neighbor,

whisper and sigh

another road ahead, yet, so far,

we are well on our way

to give presence another day.


Occasionally it seems,

such an easy task,

to encounter heavy traffic,

find an open route,

just drive through.

Though I can believe,

on many instance the lights are a steady glow,

an amber only reveals a fire

when anyone else nearby has the time

to wonder.


When I have on my own forgotten

my mask,

I find the world to be rather

forgettable, formidable, forgiveness

speaks volumes when truth

escapes the layers of film

we use so often,

so necessary

to protect our unknown fear.


Once, we begin to imagine a visual we would rather

live with then will demonic souls vanish the sky.

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