When Sleep Slides By

The mind,

when restful seems

to want nothing more than a simple

gesture of reality.

Yet when faced,

like looking in their eyes,

his eyes,

my I’s

when that moment occurs,

there seems little chance in knowing

how to apprehend the moment of sleep.


I stood against the pushing winds of time,

wondered how far it may bend me over,

backward and sideways,

not knowing which fall might be the easier one,

instead just letting the now breeze,

taunt my body, make me believe

this has all been a gesture,

some reasonable outcome is always,

just not that satisfying.


When eyes are just

aware enough of surrounding


we seem calm

instead while navigating through

the lens of our chosen design,

we then,

well know by now,

the world has harsh realities,

in case, in the event, we forget,

due to lack of sleep

of course.

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