Life is a Principle

We have to choose,

for if we cannot imagine

beyond the scope we lose

all sight of what is certain.

that we have to go forward,

though the past does beckon,

we mustn’t allow toward

a chasm of misfortune.


When I awoke I began a dream

I wished for a newer focus

yet instead I began to seem

like everything around us

would contain just enough real

to allow these sudden urges

these scenes of life surreal

to eventually have their surges.


So another night passed by

I glanced the sky in the moon,

wondered about everything why

such lunacy would cause my swoon.

Seems early in the real twilight,

when profound minds can relate

we shudder to imagine losing night,

only to wish to continue and create.


Live peace in the eyes of love won’t you?

That principle accentuates a pristine blue.

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