Human Capacity

I wonder

if our society,

matched up against your own,

would matter too much,

when it came down to simply,

sucking air.

I mean really having to survive on

oxygen to breathe, to speak,

to determine just how much our lives,

depend upon one another,

rather than only ourselves.


I am lost when trying to decide

whether or not what I feel, and want, and suggest,

might be the exact same ideal of that person

who just yesterday or perhaps tomorrow,

I disagreed with openly,

making a public display of my position,

rather than practicing civility, or compassion, or natural eloquence.


Perhaps I am asking too much.

On occasion I struggle with knowing when I might

be out of line,

I suppose that is human nature,


when the end of the day draws near,

my anxiety,

that measure of confidence in any given moment,

allows only

shortness of breath,

the sort that speaks loud,

when trying to find solace,

in the activities of the day.


I hope sometimes, I might be forgiven,

within the confines of the human condition.

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