Thin Lined Walls

those opportunities

stealing away time


an asked for world



I walked further inside a fantasy,

I usually steer clear of grasping its entirety.

But I just wanted to,

I threw caution a curve ball,

stranded my indecision

while all around me,

the sun continued to rise,

high winds set the tone for

any afternoon, every evening, the next morning.


Walking alone again,

after years of reparation,

the sort of time driven self-actualization

we all seem to thrive upon,

yet so rare is our epiphany.


He said he had one standing in front of the window,

in the lounge where pain,

every sort of misery,

played out each soul, each memory,

each death.

For that is the true circle of life

we try to live by our standard,

and yet,

one afternoon there we are looking at a streaking sky,

wishful of every cloud, paint drawn autumn leaf,

each indication of a better life,

will set the tone for the next day.


Tomorrow is the first time I get to speak freely

about what happened already,

only because, there are allowances for

the human condition,

that mechanical ticking bomb

awaits the next adventure.


When we sometime try to bury our ills,

to convey a deeper meaning inside shallow pools,

we sadly forget to recognize

the shimmer,

the grace of a natural reflection,

the beauty that thin lined walls,

offer the free mind,

rather than a poured concrete statue

of the divine redemption.


We cannot surely argue with time.

7 responses to “Thin Lined Walls”

  1. Most certain we can’t argue with it… can only live through it. 😉

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    1. Indeed, if embracing aging were that easy 🙂


      1. Yup, not easy! Many challenges in life, we have..but in the long run, we learn a lot n wisdom increases, I believe.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope so, for other’s sake around me 🙂


    1. Well it is a bit away but thank you Franz 🙂

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