Knowing Love

While walking through the settled earth,

we would wonder,

slow steps,

havoc handling heaven-sent harmony.


While I was out the other night,

i hadn’t realized my life had changed,



Happened to me once before,

well, once or twice before

the reckoning.


We all need to have a few,

before we find our way.

That real world scenario,

stops me in my tracks,

has me wonder about just what,

when did my life take this turn,

that one that everyone else can see,

but me deep inside,

I always fail to know,

until I am being told.


I suppose I like being told,

I like having a direction offered to me,

even in the worst scenario,


I still rather enjoy being the leader of the knowing path,

that led me here,

led us all here some time ago,

and ever since that day.


We keep knowing,

just really deep down when everyone has walked away,

we keep knowing love.

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