Coming Home Soon

We know about the past when we see the horizon

loom ahead remind

our soul the anxiety the pittance of worry,

for years our albatross,

we left hopeful wishing we had enough energy

to stay away, strike a new light,

a new world to live by,

rather than staying contained in our own

personal nightmare.


Years later we are to return again,

see the world we left behind, and wonder if the physicality

of aging might finally bury the cold reminder,

of what once was, what could have been, what might we know,

that then we couldn’t show

beyond an awkward stare, smile, glance,

walk away again, take care of mindless banter,

the sort that rather than begin anew,

always held some fatalist curse.


We might imagine though in the course of a day,

she did, and he will and they all live the same way.

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