Death In the Family

We knew

in his eyes

a fear he wouldn’t ever

reveal to anyone

he smiled,

we cried,

we knew

he would wander

boiling pressure

every glance seemed agenda,

hadn’t quite known youth;

a soccer field

was his life then,

but how quickly we move

beyond who we are, where we belong.

we knew,

he would falter,

yet we sometimes do


if God or some spiritual magic

contains our soul,

even in the worst times,

a young age,

a bullet reprisal,

then gone,

and everyone sitting together,

just weep

for the next lost soul

3 responses to “Death In the Family”

    1. We lost a kid to a gun battle this week – wannabe gangster – fulfilled his dream, very sad.

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      1. Too much, too often, too sad ❤

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