A Gambler’s Run

i would like

if you left me alone,


your mask of appreciation,

the one that hollers

from a window out loud

my success is yours,

I can prove it to you.


I would like

the soap box advertisements

of our easy lives,

to show the broken,

to emphasize the hopeless,

the ruins, disillusioned, detached

suicidal human beings

your protestations

leave behind the ticker tape.


I see it everywhere in our world,

the chance,

the moment winners look for,

the changing lanes that create a risk,

far less than the bullshit

you throw at our minds.


Leave the luxury in the window,

with an honest disclaimer,

‘don’t trust us please’

but keep serving the soft drinks,

letting us smoke,

just make the suggestion,

the mob in your pocket,

or admit out loud it’s us,


dangle your chains around.


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