Still Life

A marble travesty

we would be ashamed

if now today,

a modern age,

the new excuses

help us to forget the

why, how we needed

only one more chance.


Time did travel miles

past a horizon

always familiar in kind,

awaiting the lift of the moon,

we all could believe

what we see,

without wondering

if the time had been

truly wrong, a mistake,

an error in judgment,

easy out,

don’t you think

life is like

a diamond field.

where everyone can be


We just like to watch,

rather instead,

our lives,

modeled around similar outcomes,

become stale and, well,

sort of



and then there is that

time we thought,

we might come back to this

moment we recall,

we fantasize

how simple it was

to love …


what happened,

the clocks began to work,

with every


we lost the courage,

to return,

we cannot turn time back,

we cannot,

never could,

even those days when we felt

forever would always

be the same,

just absolute,

a static realism,


Instead that facade,

became the dream

we would pass off for


and yet still

we always screamed,


that pretentious bullshit,

could only take us

along the well paved highway.


Our horizon is always the same.

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