When First I Knew

The disbelief

Torrid Tuesday,

a child’s eye

suggest a fathom

when gods spoke aloud

cloud secured chasms

A city of life

in ashes,

a populace


frightened, alone, confused

amongst milions,

the very people

kept us all safe.

Today the skyline burned

when truly hell drove

the world mercilous

concrete fires

burned bodies

lost souls


together without


That ideal we live by,

departed today,

Fire House hell

Ladder Company 3

we spoke to blue

who told a story

of death on carts

six months a rookie,

a face that clearly

showed war horrors

thirty years later

to the day,

Manhattan burned

the world remains

ignorant still today.

We leave our children

nothing in return.

God help us

‘war is not


for children


other living


we still haven’t …

we haven’t …

we can’t …

we ca …

rise above the ashes.

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