Choosing Sides

My first attempt at The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”


We would walk the neighborhood together,

hand in hand at times,

more importantly when eyes were nearby,

shoulder to shoulder, and smiles,

nervous energy proud in front of

friends, those that didn’t understand.


if we could make it across the lawn

without losing … our connection,

it meant to us a steady motion,

therefore we were,

the two of us, she and I, me and her,

in front of everyone else,

going steady, shoulder to shoulder.


When the day came and mom and dad,

having martinis with friends,

the breezeway, the knotty pine,

the local neighbors talking about the judge,

her dad had found a home,

and suddenly at four years old,

Celie and I were no longer going steady,

she was going away,

our childhood memory would forever stay.


I remember that day in high school,

I was the new guy, listening to the P.A.

reciting the sports of the day.

I had just transferred, a punk lost,

trying to find his way,

when the name came across,

Celie ____ , first place in last night’s meet.

I didn’t know anyone to look to

to ask,  who was the gymnast that won,

that one,

that young woman was my former steady,

and now we were 15 years old,

ten years later.


Funny how we can find each other immediately,

when the day before, we held nostalgic sides.

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