When Listening is Hearing


There are times when I just don’t listen,

she speaks,

while I remain in the room,

certainly one could see I am not present.


There are years that I try to recall,

her voice,

suggesting I am close,

able to understand without hearing.


There are voices that I do recognize,

her words,

always giving me guidance

to indicate I might one day figure it out.


There are places I remember when

she cried,

and I could no longer fix

the pain she had chosen to endure.


There are melodies that I want returned

while her

soft voice echoes in my mind,

I wish then I might have her heart nearby.


There are worlds that exist around me,

He said,

that depend upon an energy

beyond the selfish needs I seem to employ.


There are times when I do like to see again,

her eyes,

when in that shadowed space

we laughed, I cried, while she listened.


*photo found on Pinterest

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