Frayed Ends

We all have them,

depends on a sunny day,

how well we can tuck away

our personal tragedy,

or bold success.

Matters really the arena

we decidedly turn to,

or need,

perhaps want to listen, to see,

to recognize who

we might want to be

at the moment.


There are too many days

when a sedentary attitude

overrides a natural course of action.

We might imagine white sands,

pristine sun-streaked skies

with radiant horizons stretching forever,

yet, when the frame is removed,

the nail remains,

to suggest our wall continues

to impede our vision.


Please salute the reality

of our ways,

please recognize

the beauty in growth,

the resilient effort

toward understanding

who we are in the moment.

Do suggest to ourselves,

to you, to him, to ‘they’

to ever present and real,

me, us, everyone.

‘We’ are capable

beyond the frayed edges,

to smooth our ends.

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