Dumb Me Down


I want to listen to the news,

be misinformed,

listen to a narcissist,

bully, hypocrite, racist.

I want to put them in office,

because they ‘love the Bible’

despite not naming a figure

in the Good Book that influences

his policy.

What policy? Throw some names

around, suggest an empty promise,

demean  a Univision reporter

on national television,

and let the world decide.

We (know) longer need intelligence

in the main office.

Shed the reality of tact,

and allow moronic rules

to seep into our framework.

I want to die happy

rather than confused.

I want to run in the streets,

knock on doors,

and tell our society,

‘Wake the fuck up!’

I cannot listen to the news.


*Photo found on Deviant Art

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