Days Gone By

Picture a moment, when in just a flash,

all that fancy cash came true,

Embody the man I imagined might I  be,

but I bypassed all the rules,

the necessary tools of borrowed  time,

not just wanton vanity,

but realizing others are in need as well,

beyond the scope of me.

We can dream about our future goals

yet somehow always

we end up returning to that one place

where our internal measure

continues to be the time piece responsible

for our actions, merits

delights that in our lives we call happenings.

Though rare is beauty

without being the giver of positive energy.

Simple analogy I know,

so easy to talk about at cocktail parties,

special gatherings of invite only,

in all the moments we espouse our humanity,

lest not forget our reality.

When days gone by, let’s recall there is always,

every day, hour of our lives,

an opportunity, somewhere, somehow, just nearby

there is a moment,

we can step completely outside of ourselves,

and ask forgiveness,

Ask that we be given just another chance

to recall just what life gave us.

If we can, we can maybe then more easily begin

to accept our days we let slip by.


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