Rules of Tragedy

‘I will light you up!’

( the death of Sandra Bland )


What harms your world designs mine

I react when I can see your life unraveling

before my eyes, while listening, hearing about travesty.

I too have inconsolable outcomes

to the unnerving reality of that which we all must endure,

without ever being given a rational reason.

We can all remember that time,

life changed at the drop of a dime,

and all we believed was suddenly placed into question.

We got past it, and moved on,

didn’t even imagine that in the


Yet we all do go forward,

early on the minutes slowly emanate hours,

to next mornings,

following later on, weeks ago,

and years go by,

yet memory remains,

far too many minds are left still winding the clock

trying to find where the seconds before suddenly

turned upside down until there simply was no telling

how ludicrous this loss, this happening, this life changing

travesty would befall our simple, safe, and seemingly

private lives.

Are we so capable to know

that what it is out there that designs our daily motives

will truly be waiting for us

later on or shan’t we be compelled

to strive beyond that which we can be decisive.

Suppose we wish not go there,

that path of optimism or in some eyes,

forced acceptance of cynicism.

Once when the local cynic was cool,

we all laughed, rolled our eyes and went on

about how clever,

how outstanding their insight,

how entertaining …

Yet waking up this morning,

the news left my eyes pouring.


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