Straight From The Heart

artist - Jim Dine

artist – Jim Dine

I would if I could, I would, I certainly …


Suggest all of the angst, the properly balanced

insecurities that wrap my mind

around so many levels of mediocrity.

There is where I remain chained to the revelation

that help define the who, the why, the identity

behind the actions.

I am hurting so bad, I cannot fathom going on

with the pain, yet, I haven’t any reason to feel the way I do.

I can feel the swell in my heart, the ache

reminds me every moment of how the clock continues

to move forward, never ending, always a tick,

a step, a task, a loss of what just was seconds before,

so trivial and true yet simple and free,

though mind-numbing to imagine the reality.

I remember asking years ago and wondering

the question why, until years later when I was being trained,

I was advised to never bring up the why.

But why!

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