Lunching at the MET in New York City


Sitting amongst the travelers, the tourists, the guides

we are all lunching at the MET

this museum of natural art

a place where everyone seems to find a common ground.

While lunching in the galleries,

we listen to voices, to histories, to pleas

of will you tell me about this,

such a marvelous place to be,

oh the sculptures,

views of Central Park,

family with toddler waltzes through the aisles

while a few nearby smile,

the rest, well maybe the’re hungry

or angry Degas wannabes

Everyone here is on fire with ideals,

perhaps they’ve had an opportunity to finally see that one piece

they lost themselves in one day,

hoping you might able your mind to do the same,

thinking that way,

our lives might

come together


peace and love and that sort of thing.

Funny what we might see while lunching,

feeding our human frenzy,

watch the guy that ignores everyone around while he creates his own space,

not an artist really by any stretch,

in fact looks like he hates the place,

but, damn he’s eating lunch,

and nobody is getting his space.

See the young women, the beauty in dress and composure,

stroll slow past the debonair man, with the bohemian purpose.

Maybe they will, perhaps not, yet sometime along the way,

a song, a visual, a bump through the crowd,

will remind them of this day.

For now we’re just a traveler feeding the human condition,

while lunching at the MET in NYC.


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