Back Problems

I wonder sometimes why it is people cry

when we live in a world that seeks happiness,

there’s this positive energy thing,

we talk about a lot,

share ideals,

discuss the different ways we can get there,

do you remember that time we all had the same idea,

and then as the moonlight cast shadows on the morning,

we decided to call it a night,

and each one of us, in our own innocent manner,

forgot just how strong that mystique we’d created together,

just might have been.

What really happens when we do walk away,

we forget about what really matters,

we decide we’ll focus on other bothers,

those sort of ideals we’d never imagine to be our own,

they simply belong to someone else.

I wonder if it might be that simple,

if instead of worrying about how people treat one another,

instead maybe we ought to pay attention to ourselves,

look inside a mirror,

and really decide whether we could contribute to a solution,

or slowly step away, complain a little bit,

tell everyone about our current back problems.


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