Red Flags


Perhaps you’ll argue the basis is wrong,

you’ll remember your sons and fathers, mothers, family, whose lives were lost,

fighting a battle for so many ideals,

accents of history, realities of what remain our ghost.


I know people who celebrate, the reenactment of the civil war,

but I wonder now if they’re fighting for freedom  between sides,

or the honor of maintaining their dignity during a difficult time.

Clearly, our world has necessarily evolved beyond the war,


the reasons existed, blood was shed for a cause,

yet today’s symbolism seems different and loud,

we cannot ignore the reality of a new splintered humanity

drawn by the symbolism of a confederate flag.


There are those who honor that flag for their lost souls,

the family members who felt they were doing the right thing,

Now there are the people who recognize where we are today,

has no merit in reminders of the pain exists … today


pure evil instils on the power of a vulnerable human being.

Let’s remain cognizant to reasons clear, without relying on

the pedestal of history to cloud our judgment,

let’s not remain slaves to over-stated excuses.


Let’s accept ourselves as one, as a society that hand in hand,

needs more than ever to love with heart that shields the sword.


6 responses to “Red Flags

  1. Well done… Much to think about. I’ve worked with reenactors, buffs, historians… and descendants. And I’ve heard the reasons and rationalizations. After reading Charles Dew’s ‘Apostles of Disunion’ there’s much I could (but won’t) say about the cause.

    Yes – it is time for the US to move on.

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