Wake Me in the Morning Sunshine

Will you please let me sleep in a little longer

my bones are weary, I’m tired of knowing,

just what lies around every corner of my world,

the deceit, the hatred, the veiled hypocrisy.

I can feel it like I do a chilly autumn breeze in July,

you know the sort that suggests the dream

is fading away again for another season,

the scary nights, with the cold, ruthless winds

will soon return, just waiting, holding up walls

just around the corner from where we like to live.

I’d rather awaken to the brilliance of a morning

sunlight, bright illumination, that energy that positive

glow of an amber beauty, a  natural wonder

that one day we just woke to and realized

it might very well do the same thing every morning.

We realized time when that happened,

so the moment now, you know the one,

that second or two of indecision, one makes you cry,

because just a day or two, a year, a lifetime before

everything seemed so much easier to grasp.

We never even worried about whether blue skies

would remain. Yet now we know the occasional

grey surroundings will place a veil on our reality.


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