Grey Skies Again

I wish you understood then I never would have left,

had that happened though, we would have been a story already told,

the one where the guy is heartbroken,

and she finds out years later,

when the two of them cross paths with different lives,

even though in that moment,

when their eyes met they knew.

Yeah, like going to the county fair,

full of surprises and lousy memories of times we could have.

We never did though except for the vivid imagination

we each allowed our own lonely minds to create,

when the grey skies would force us to remember that day,

we were stuck together seeking shelter along alleyways,

soaked to the bone in the hot summer rain,

didn’t matter I could see your beautiful body in the wet remains,

it only mattered that we could smile

and always love one another,

if not for just that short moment,

that one rain,

that sweet soaking that allowed our tears to disappear.

It rained outside again today,

damned if the skies aren’t always a little grey.


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