Moments When We Dream

We look for them in the heavy stone mindset of our lives,

a gaze, a quick glance turns distant,

when we are able to let imagination speak candidtor

without words.

We have our lives suggest efficiency

what plans we have in store for future days

easily swept by a vision, a light

a peace drawn memory triggered by a favorite song.

We can continue,

they suggested not in primary school,

yet today, we know ourselves,

we do realize we are ok to build upon that

delightful dream we sometimes wish we hadn’t

let go.

Today while standing on the corner,

that fleeting thought crosses past your eyes,

an internal caviar, a sedentary pomegranate delight,

a chance to step off the curb

into new daylight.

Reach strong with carefree delivery in open arms,

feel the energy of a parallel universe

just waiting,

asking for your hand, suggesting now’s the time,

be fond of what’s ahead, that peace,

that piece of life once forgotten

may now a quiet soul,

deliver some new found surrealism.


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