Hollow Justice (child abuse ignored)


We can’t know without holding truths,

stand next to me, and tell me you’re ok,

even though I already know,

you’ve done something to hurt them.


We play a game of cat and mouse,

trying to decide where justice results,

in finding our own peace of mind,

with judgment and scrutiny of other’s faults.


Why is it then when truths become revealed,

when the outcome has been unsealed,

how can we look past that cruel nature,

and suggest it’s well in the past.


The value of the dollar and marketability,

helps ease the pain of one’s human reality,

we want to see that powerhouse once again,

forget the fact he shoved leaves down his throat.


Today we want to celebrate such a great guy,

look at that smile look at that charm,

so special, well, he might even get laid tonight,

back in his hometown, the hero child.


Yet, where is the child and how forgotten

does all the trauma become when society,

suggests he is the victim of a misunderstanding,

we do live a good Christian forgiving society.


I’m sorry, I can’t do it even though I love the game,

I keep thinking about a kid pulling leaves from his …

3 responses to “Hollow Justice (child abuse ignored)”

  1. A long time ago I worked in a child social service agency. I was the clerk who typed up the notes for court cases. This brings up terrible memories. That our society is so quick to “forgive” and “forget” when it comes to sports figures … it’s sickening. But. I’m preaching to the choir. Thank you for writing and sharing this piece.

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    1. thank you for this Jen – my writing was a gut-reaction to the situation, I’m not sure how to wrap my head around the ‘moving forward’ piece. Do I think he shouldn’t play football? Well, there are unfortunately worse scenarios. Should they honor him in his hometown? No.

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      1. That he would still be held in such honor – such blind adoration – is mind-boggling.

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