Sweet Summer Rose

© Ester Rogers Photography

© Ester Rogers Photography

When now the time is upon our eyes,

the days of sweet summer beckon

a certain rose twirled inside blue skies,

I feel a wonderful breeze I’d reckon.


When children run the streets so free,

to live another day in happiness

we take for granted our lives might be

alive with very little duress.


With sultry waves of hot wind becomes a need

to shed a monstrous winter’s layers

where here the human body’s desires to heed

might offer true delight in visual favors.


While now each day we choose to meditate

on beaches, on ocean sand’s intense heat,

there is that undying love we do navigate,

that’s passion’s love, her romance we meet.


A simple time, nature’s reward of our lives,

glow sweet melody a stage to dream,

we swoon, dance, when moonlight arrives,

a romantic’s true form; perfect it may seem.


So today’s crimson rose in summer air sweet release

offer each, our lives, our soul’s spiritual peace.


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