Eccentric Complement

When life stopped,

that ideal romantic interlude,

our travel together,

we were a match

in the fall of ’78, ’79

I looked in your eyes,

while the traffic went by,

didn’t matter really,

your smile radiant,

you had your elegant demeanor,

I was a young lad,

you were my gift,

I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sunrise,

with every step I followed your word,

as you showered me with beauty and grace,

skipping classes and later,

skipping clothes.

We traveled one day,

it was the wagon Volvo,

deep brown,

I still want one today, because …

we should certainly that day,

have driven away only to be wanted.

We didn’t care who wandered near,

together we were there.

Late afternoon we began our walk,

it was distant ever since you’d told me

you loved me because of my


nature of delighting you with smiles.

I looked it up,

at nineteen the word ‘odd’ …

frightened me, and I have regretted that

ever since.

I wish you would read this and know

how much I truly love you.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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