I Want to Recall

When is the year,

the moment even,

when suddenly my affect

took a break,

left my skin, my eyes, my cheeks,

left a pallor of grief behind,

wherever I stood, the flats remain.

I want to know the time,

when everything bad felt good,

as all that could possibly arrive,

had been extinguished, and life seemed

just like that and nothing more.

I could walk for miles and when I retunr

my state of imagination would continue,

along the same slow sequential

convenance of regularity, uniform routine.

What is it that suggests,

our lives will chance,

well ye, in an external breeze

we can see the leaves shift on the branches,

with eventual return to that which we conceive,

had never changed before,

and if they are stable enough,

the masses of leaves in the trees,

next week when I return,

state of mind the same,

their lives will have taken on new agnles,

different looks,

obvious shifts that to the naked eye,

seemed to suggest some newer idea,

that manner by which I’ve watched,

so many grasp like a steady rythm

heartbreak always speaks of time,

and yet we haven’t any tonight,

but the feelings, that passion,

the desire to reconnect,

remains far too strong to let go of,


yet …

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