2:12 AM

Time continuum,

if sleep does come near,

will the moment be gone,

only to return another day,

similar fanfare,

applause of one.

Remember when

we all believed we,

each one of us,

actually lived alone,

the fears of no one else,

always knocking on our door.

Its 2:12 am philosophy

always comes back,

each night to say hello,

yet occasionally

there is fortune in passing,

that night where dreams remain,

we sometimes wish,

the lights might dim

just a little sooner,

yet the timeless second hand

always moving,

forever in motion,

to remind me when

I couldn’t stop time,

moving forward,

losing grasp

upon that which

held my heart strong.

Now tonight,

I laugh at the reality

of the same thinking,

the notions returning,

all of our lives held together

by a memory with chosen themes,

Just when I decide

I’ve had enough,

no longer can I say the same,

I have to accept time is

always suggestive,

waiting, counting, defined.

It’s 2:17 AM


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