Five Pictures, Five Photos – Day Five; On Diversity

Well, I missed the day, so this is an early morning contribution to the five days, five photos exercise that Dancing Echoes turned me on to a week ago. I will finish with one last piece. Again, the people I nominated to carry this out are Souldier Girl, Dana Renee, John Coyote & Ivon Prefontaine – all intriguing writers. My last nomination will be – Americana Injustica – Remember, you do not need to do this, just a suggestion if you feel like giving it a go. For me, it has brought my writing back to life after a bit of a drawl the last few weeks. Here we go, the last in my series …


One thing is very clear, we have a long way to go,

how many times have we wondered how to be in the know,

where do we begin to imagine we can show

our true selves without really having to defend. A slow

reckoning does await our ability to be human.

I think it has been simmering for quite some time.

We seem to think if we look the other way,

then no one can really understand our confusion

is real,

qualify your reason,

stop pretending,

look me in the eye and tell me you believe it is so.

I chose a picture that spelled out the word,


but there is something else,

insidious, clever, demeaning,

without revealing its true meaning.

The chips that grace the letters are a gamble.

In order to let go of ourselves and become the future.

We need to take that gamble,

but let’s recall,

that gambles are chance, and the odds are never good.

Let’s be real, let’s learn to love,

let’s go forward and try to understand,

the human condition is universal,



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