Five Days, Five Photos – Day Three; On Diversity


( a third installment inspired by Dancing Echoes )

The Key

a challenge to all of us around each other

all the time

during every moment of our lives

we might be

rather than the pose, the setup, the expectation,

what if we all just recalled ourselves,

instead of a reliance on being told to engage

how about if we simply become

a universal smile,

a unanimous integrity,

let’s allow the character of our inner soul

be the change,

the challenge,

let’s allow our lives to matter

off camera.

So often when we are


we seldom recognize the reason why.

When today we acknowledge one another,

let’s do so before they set the

light meter, the sound check, the make-up.

Let’s love each other today, so years from now when we reflect upon a photo,

we know how real we were that day,

helped us become who we are today,


(for today’s exercise in ‘five days, five photos’ I wish to select John Coyote whose words always inspire!

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