Writer’s Block

Funny right?

Nobody ever acknowledges it, just talks about it,

well, reels and reels in panic about just that lacking

inspiration, inability to put anything down,

not a lacking desire, just a slacking fire,

the burning candles are all smoldering inside a tempest

of angst driven loss of


For that is why we right ourselves in society,

to be ‘write’ with the stars,

to feel as if every step we take moves us a little further,

closer to that gradual incline toward


So tonight, as I write, complete and utter bullsh …

well just know before I even laid down a word,

I had nothing, nada, nil inspiration,

I was standing on a block of ice,

damned if it even refused to melt,

provide some imbalance,

a reason to want to, ah, well,

a desire to,

a passion with a need,

to speak,

to talk about it,

or at least … write.

2 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. Inspiration is a wave motion, as is technique (Don’t forget writing is a craft). When the waves touch both at a high point, you produce a work of great quality. When they cross in the middle, you express something. When they are both at their weakest, you write just to keep the process going (but in full knowledge both will be replenished). Cheers

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