Family By Mom

I was reminded again why I love you,

because I can cry with you,

laugh with you,

imagine you,

and know you’re always the same.

Generations of all of us now become the you

we one time only imagined to be,

in the watchful eyes of Mom.

Today we look the same,

act the same,

believe in many of the same things,

and laughter connects our lives,

the stories, the memories, the visions

of our future, now become the eyes of the children,

a period of life returned with similarities.

We sit the same, hug the same, hold value with one another,

in that manner we recall when as children we wondered,

just what all of the fuss was about

What did they do with their lives,

and why do they matter to us.

One, young woman, child,

plays with a small toy, totally focused and consumed,

while another, smiling elder, she is elegant,

sits back, reflects on this, her, world around her,

this matriarch, her hands created, that today she indeed,

dotes upon with her own quiet elegance,

recalling just that day only yesterday,

she held the same toy, similar passions in her hand.

In family, we do the same,

we love the same,

we believe the same,

the desire to know each other,

our tears,

we are all … love

in a mother’s eyes.


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