Grey Sky Reckoning

In our journey to see the other side,

We found the world to be the same,

the sky was grey with morning shadow

soft rain with playful tears to dance

away the first light of day’s angst.


Inside every dawn a moment’s light

notion becomes a planned event,

our lives are drawn mechanical

inside the world our eyes create,

When then does the body measure.


Metal trappings propel us across field

blossoms birthing the gold of summer.

In a streak of brilliance in parting

our eyes will become focused again.

Each transgression now turn to spring


A new sunrise, a pretty landscape,

in Nature’s cradle we continue forward.

Then how quickly do the sunrises fade,

in the autumn of a tragic afternoon.

Perhaps we might seek solace in


a knowledge of human kind-ness

that skill toward tolerance, that

living will of serenity, a model toward

a future as giving as a summer’s day.

Might we then understand this grey …


mornings remind wanton souls today, we may begin

living for others, drawn sweet beyond elegant selves.

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